Sunday, December 12, 2010

THE Marathon is in my radar!

It is official and it has been decided.....I will sign up to run the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon on June 5, 2011. The original goal was to run a Marathon (26 miles!) before I turned 40 and come June 5, I will be realizing that dream.

I will continue to train with the running club to ensure that I have enough miles under my belt to actually successfully complete the race. They start back up, hot and heavy, come January. So, until then, I will run on my own, on my treadmill, several times a week.

With each run, I am a step closer to June 5. This has been a goal in the making for about two years. As I look back, I am surprised at the progress I have made, especially considering that throughout my entire life I was never ever able to run any length or distance. I used to joke that I couldn't even run to the bathroom! It came as a large surprise to me that I was ever able to run without stopping. I owe my inspiration and thanks to my brother Doran and his partner, Imin. They were supportive and encouraging, offering me guidance and helpful tips!

I am hoping that one or both of them will be able to run the marathon with me, keep your fingers crossed for me! My brother, Doran, ran the 1/2 Marathon with me in 2010. It was great to have someone by my side at the starting line!

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Anonymous said...

How was the marathon? Did you ever do it? Probably not. Karma is a bitch isn't it?