Friday, April 2, 2010

Day # I'm still not sure

Cooking vegan at home is great. I think I modify or 'invent' a new recipe a week. It is a constant trial and error process which I love as I am constantly learning what works best together in terms of flavors and consistency. I made banana chocolate chip muffins that my non-vegan friends LOVED. Can I admit that I neglected to write down the recipe? Oops. I gave up chocolate for Lent so when I made them, I couldn’t taste them to see if they were any good. I wont post recipes on my blog without first confirming that the food actually tasted good. (Speaking from experience, I have found and tried recipes only to find out that the measurements are off etc)

I am learning about myself through running. It is an amazing process. I have determined that time is precious. It is a major challenge to consistently find time for myself with the demands of my every day life. If I do have the time to spare, sometimes I just don’t have the energy. Each day brings new paths to navigate and hills to climb.

It is imperative for me to realize in order to conquer this mountain, I must be even better at traveling the road of my every day life. There are only a few precious things that can be considered more important to me than this goal….and they go to bed at 8:30. After the magic bedtime hour, it appears that the dishes will have to wait, as will the laundry and dusting and the balance of daily tasks that weigh heavily on my mind.

June 6 is rapidly approaching and I have only managed one run that was 5 miles.  I have to run 13 miles. I am beginning to wonder if I will do it.